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Saitek Consulting CC is an Acoustic Emission Testing Company, which was founded in 2008, and is affiliated to Saiba Engineering CC which has over 12 years experience in pressure testing and other NDT methods in South Africa according to Pressure Equipment Regulations.

Saitek Consulting is a specialised acoustic emission testing company which incorporates the following testing standards:

We have a large international support structure and also a corporate agreement with TUV in Austria. TUV AUSTRIA, Institute for Technical Physics, has over 30 years of experience in AT on various structures mainly consisting of all types and sizes of pressure devices as well as storage tanks and pipelines. For these AT applications, TUV AUSTRIA has an extensive database with information from thousands of tests conducted in Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal, France, Sweden, Belgium, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, China and “off-shore”

Thus, Saitek together with TUV will render professional expertise with the latest technological equipment from Vallen Systeme, Germany to ensure that test results are accurate and reliable.

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